Bus Times

Please note that these times are the departure times and be advised that you should be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the departure time. 

142 Polegate – Hailsham-Lower Dicker-Golden Cross-East Hoathly-Ringmer- Kings Academy Ringmer – Lewes Bus Station 

Polegate, High Street0735Lewes Bus Station
Hailsham, North Street Tesco0750Malling, Church Lane
Hailsham, Harebeating Lane0754Ringmer, Old Post Office..
Horsebridge Mill0758Ringmer, Kings Academy1530
Lower Dicker Stores0805East Hoathly, Rectory Close1541
Golden Cross Inn0808Golden Cross Inn1546
East Hoathly, Rectory Close0819Lower Dicker Stores1549
Ringmer, Kings Academy0833Horsebridge Mill1552
Ringmer, Old Post Office0835Hailsham, Harebeating Lane1556
Malling, Church Lane0845Hailsham, High Street1601
Lewes Bus Station0850Polegate, High Street1613

149 Scaynes Hill – Princess Royal Hospital – Lindfield – Haywards Heath – Wivelsfield Green – Chailey School  

Scaynes Hill, Anchor Hill0741Chailey School1455
Scaynes Hill, The Inn on the Green Bus Stop0743Wivelsfield Green, Downsview Drive1505
Haywards Heath, Princess Royal Hospital0751Wivelsfield Green, Playing Fields1507
Haywards Heath, Western Road0754Fox Hill, opp Fox and Hounds1510
Haywards Heath, America Lane Shops0756Wivelsfield Road, Rocky Lane1512
Gravelye Lane, Meadow Drive0759West Common, Summerhill Lane1515
Lindfield Common0802Lindfield Common1517
West Common, Summerhill Lane0804Gravelye Lane, Meadow Drive1520
Haywards Heath, Wivelsfield Road, Rocky Lane0807Haywards Heath, America Lane Shops1523
Fox Hill, opp Fox and Hounds0810Haywards Heath, Western Road1526
Wivelsfield Green, Playing Fields0813Haywards Heath, Princess Royal Hospital1528
Wivelsfield Green, Downsview Drive0815Scaynes Hill, The Inn on the Green Bus Stop1536
Chailey School0830Scaynes Hill, Anchor Hill1538

150 Withyham – Hartfield – Upper Harfield-Forest Row-Chelwood Gate-Chelwood Common-Danehill- North Chailey – South Chailey – Chailey School

Withyham, Dorset Arms0738Chailey School1455
Hartfield Hay waggon0741Danehurst Lodge Danehill1510
Upper Hartfield Garage0745Danehill Oak Tree cottages1513
Forest Row Post Horn Lane0753Chelwood Common Baxters Lane1516
Forest Row Upper Close0756Chelwood Gate Red Lion1519
Forest Row Highgate Rd0758Forest Row Highgate Rd1525
Chelwood Gate Red Lion0805Forest Row Upper Close1529
Chelwood Common Baxters Lane0808Forest Row Post Horn Lane1533
Danehill Oak Tree cottages0814Upper Hartfield Garage1542
Danehurst Lodge Danehill0816Hartfield Hay waggon1545
Chailey School0830Withyham Dorset Arms1547

227 Five Ashes – Argos Hill – Town Row – Rotherfield – Beacon Hill

Five Ashes School A2670752Crowborough, Sir Henry FS1528
Argos Hill opp Old Bicycle Arms0758Jarvis Brook, Crowborough Train Stn1531
Rotherfield, opp Meadow Villas0802Rotherfield opp Milennium Green1535
Town Row, adj New Road0805Town Row, opp New Road1538
Rotherfield adj Milennium Green0809Rotherfield, opp Meadow Villas1540
Jarvis Brook, O/S Crowborough Train Stn0815Argos Hill, adj Old Bicycle Arms1543
Crowborough, Opp Sir Henry FS0822Five Ashes School A267 opp school1549
Crowborough, Broadway stop (B)0826

265, 266, 267, 268, 269 Boreham Street/Hailsham- Hellingly- Horam- Maynards Green – Heathfield Community College  

Heathfield, High Street0820Heathfield, Community College1510
Heathfield, Community College0830Heathfield, High Street1520
This service is currently suspended due to the COVID restrictions being lifted
Boreham Street, Smugglers Wheel0735Heathfield Community College1515151515151530
Windmill Hill, Post Office0737Sandy Cross, Sandy Cross Lane152315231523A
Herstmonceux, Brewers Arms0742Maynards Green, School152515251525A
Magham Down, Old Road0744Horam Merrydown Village152815281528A
Hawkswood Rd, Amberstone View0748Hellingly, Roebuck Park1544A
Hailham, Ropemaker Park0719Hellingly, Village Hall153815381549
Hailsham, North Street Tesco07260731Upper Horsbridge, Horsebridge Mill1543
Hailsham, opp Hawthylands Crescent0729Hailsham, opp Harebeating Lane1549
Hailsham, opp Harebeating Lane0733Hailsham, opp Hawthylands Crescent1551
Upper Horsbridge, Horsebridge Mill0735Hailsham, North Street Tesco15581550
Hellingly, Village Hall074007400750Hailham, Ropemaker Park1603
Hellingly, Roebuck Park0737AHawkswood Rd, Amberstone View1551
Horam Merrydown Village075007550750AMagham Down, Old Road1555
Maynards Green, School075307580753AHerstmonceux, Brewers Arms1557
Sandy Cross, Sandy Cross Lane075608010756AWindmill Hill, Post Office1600
Heathfield Community College0805081008050815Boreham Street, Smugglers Wheel1602
A = runs non stop between Hellingly Village Hall and Heathfield Community College

331 Hurst Green- Etchingham- Burwash – BroadOak – Cade Street – Heathfield Community College

Uckfield Bus Station1435Hurst Green, Village Hall07301553
Uckfield Hospital1440Etchingham, Rail Station07371600
Framfield Primary School1444Burwash, Strand Meadow07451605
Blackboys School Lane1449Burwash, Post Office07481608
Cross in Hand Hotel1454Burwash Common07531613
Heathfield High Street arr1457Broad Oak, Post Office08001620
Heathfield High Street dep06491500Heathfield Community College0805
Heathfield Community College1515Heathfield High Street08141624
Broad Oak Post Office06531522Heathfield High Street08151625
Burwash Common06571526Cross In Hand Hotel08201630
Burwash Post Office07011530Blackboys School Lane08251635
Burwash, Strand Meadow1533Framfield08291639
Etchingham Rail Station07061539Uckfield Hospital08331643
Hurst Green Village Hall A07121553Uckfield Community College08401648

318 Heathfield – Cross in Hand – Blackboys – Framfield – Uckfield – Halland – Whitsmith – Muddles Green-Golden Cross – Laughton- Kings Academy

Heathfield, Fire Station0720Ringmer, King’s Academy1538
Cross in Hand, Hotel0725Laughton, Roebuck Hotel1543
Blackboys, School Lane0730Golden Cross Inn1548
Framfield, Primary School0734Muddles Green, Chiddingly School1552
Uckfield Hospital0738Whitesmith, Whitesmith Lane Fairlea1556
Uckfield, Bus Station0743Halland, Blacksmiths Arms1602
Halland, opp Blacksmiths Arms0754Uckfield, Bus Station1613
Whitesmith, Whitesmith Lane Fairlea0759Uckfield Hospital1618
Muddles Green, Chiddingly School0805Framfield, Primary School1622
Golden Cross Inn0810Blackboys, School Lane1627
Laughton, Roebuck Hotel0815Cross in Hand, Hotel1632
Ringmer , King’s Academy0823Heathfield, Fire Station1635

468 Ditchling Common – Ditchling – Westmeston – Plumpton Green – Chailey School 

Ditchling Common Folders Lane0757Chailey School1510
Ditchling South View0802Plumpton The Plough1518
Ditchling The Bull0805Plumpton Green, Station1521
Westmeston Church0809Plumpton Half Moon1527
Middleton Manor0811Middleton Manor1530
Plumpton Half Moon0814Westmeston Church1532
Plumpton Green, Station0819Ditchling The bull1536
Plumpton The Plough0824Ditchling Southway1539
Chailey School0830Spatham Lane Folders Lane1541

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